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Nurses should conduct interviews and examinations with the patient first, in a private setting separate from the caregiver.While, a definition of elder abuse currently exists, it is important to also know the different forms of abuse that are defined within the context.They may have a decreased ability to heal after injury and may experience greater trauma from physical injuries than do younger people.Their bones are more brittle and tissue more easily bruised, abraded, and lacerated with minimal trauma.The elderly are abused and neglected in society today by caregivers in nursing homes.

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Summary Introduction Elder abuse is a problem in the United States as well as in the rest of the world.Many law enforcement agencies and Offices of the District Attorney have investigative staff specifically trained to address abuse of older adults and other vulnerable populations, in collaboration with health care and protective service professionals.

For example, a caregiver with a mental health problem who cares for a frail older adult with cognitive impairment is a dangerous combination and may lead to resistant behavior and maltreatment.Nearly all states have mandatory reporting laws that require health care professionals and paraprofessionals to report suspected elder abuse and neglect to a designated authority.Elder abuse is a complex problem with multiple risks and causes.

Elder Abuse The Health Sector Role in Prevention and Response 1 in 6 older adults worldwide have been abused in the past year.Reporting elderly abuse and neglect is typically more difficult for an attending physician.No matter how minor or severe the abuse, nurses have a duty to assess elderly patients according to recommended protocols and report suspected abuse to designated authorities.This population however, is forgotten in terms of the respect and value it once contributed to society.

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They are therefore excluded from the active participation, and decision making in.It has been estimated that in one in every 25 people over the age of 65 is the victim of elder abuse.The clear definition of abuse may need to include all the current definitions that are categorized under elder abuse as well as domestic violence.

Nurses are in an ideal position to play a significant role in the detection, management, and prevention of elder maltreatment and may be the only individuals outside of the family who have regular contact with an older adult.You are a family protective services caseworker employed by the county government.Dysfunctional family lives, cultural issues, and caregiver inadequacies have been implicated as contributing factors.Also, non-handicapped infants who have uneven sleep and eating patterns are more likely to be abused (ECH).Elder abuse is any form of mistreatment (e.g., physical, sexual, psychological, emotional or financial) that results in harm or loss inflicted on an older person. In.Opportunities for abuse detection and intervention occur daily in health care settings.Routine questions related to elder abuse and neglect can be incorporated into daily nursing practice.Adult Protective Services programs now exist in every state to serve vulnerable adults, particularly older adults, who may be at risk for abuse and neglect.Unfortunately, older adults are becoming victims of intentional abuse and neglect within their own homes, as well as in assisted living and long-term care facilities.

However, elder abuse is also common among the millions of elder Americans who reside in nursing homes.Elder Abuse essay writing service, custom Elder Abuse papers, term papers, free Elder Abuse samples, research papers, help.Elder Abuse essay, buy custom Elder Abuse essay paper cheap, Elder Abuse essay paper sample, Elder Abuse essay sample service online.Or the caregiver may not know the nutritional requirements of the person in their care and may not provide him or her with the proper food.The intent of the law is to promote high-quality care and prevent substandard care.The transgenerational, or social learning, theory asserts that violence is a learned behavior.Political economic theory addresses the changing roles of older adults.

Abstract: This 7 page paper discusses elder abuse, what it is, the types of abuse and neglect.The population of elderly is growing and with that the need for long-term care facilities in which to place the elderly is also growing.In America 5% to 10% of the elderly are victims of moderate to severe abuse, and 42% of the population over 65 was supported by care giving relatives said the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA).The Elder Abuse researchers and writers at Academic Term Papers can meet your needs now.Some elderly also suffer from unintentional neglect due to a lack of understanding of their needs.The application of knowledge about elder abuse includes screening, assessment, and sound documentation in an attempt to enhance the quality of life and maximize the functional ability of older adults.Elder abuse is a significant problem in the United States and often goes unreported and unrecognized.

Individuals of all ages deserve to be protected from harm by caregivers (American Psychological Association, 2006).This abuse, committed by someone who is in a position of trust or who has power over the victim, can take several forms.

It may consist of passive neglect, psychological abuse, financial abuse, active neglect or physical abuse.Note, children of families who live at or below the poverty level are at an increased risk for child abuse (HHS).Infants who are premature, cognitively impaired, or have physical handicaps are more likely to provoke abuse from their caregiver, over infants without such problems.For example, elder abuse can be determined through the lens of ageism which explains the reason why age is an important cultural dimension of societal status(cite).

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